Brightening Tomorrow: Baisen Electric Showcases Power Technologies at 2023 Enlit Asia


About Us

Zhejiang Baisen Electric Technology Co., Ltd attended the Enlit Asia 2023 & The 78th Indonesia National Electricity Day on 2023.11.14-11.16.

Enlit Asia is an annual conference and exhibition for the power and energy sector, showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from industry leaders, coherent with ASEAN's strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low-carbon energy future. It is part of the global Enlit series of events that focus on the energy sector, serves as a platform for industry professionals, companies, and stakeholders in the energy sector to come together, share insights, discuss innovations, and explore the latest trends in the power and utilities industry.

Baisen Objectives

  • Increasing brand visibility

  • Exploring new business opportunities

  • Networking with industry experts

  • Showcasing photovoltaic series products

Booth Presentation

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